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Rethink the Main Event

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In a world that idolizes celebrities and those on a platform it is easy to think a teacher, speaker or preacher is the main event.  Yet, it is well understood through research that people forget 95% of what they hear within 72 hours from when they hear it. Therefore I ask the question - Is that really the main event or do we need to rethink? 
The odds of a speaker having lasting impact is rather small unless it is discussed, processed or challenged by others.  Change happens when we have human interaction, conversation and accountability.  This is the very reason that Bible Studies, conferences, churches or businesses who value discussion, collaboration, and accountability thrive.  This is the very reason that many books have a workbook or study guide that goes along with it because discussion and processing is necessary for learning and growing. 
Think about a time when after you left a table discussion that caused a change or a shift in thinking or action.  
With that knowledge let's go back to rethink the main event - 
Community is the main event and you are the creator of learning that takes a place at the table for people. You lead the orchestrated connection of learning, growing and changing.  Your role has the highest influence on those that sit in a circle with you. Let me say that again... Your role has the highest influence on those that sit in the circle with you. 
Here are 10 Reasons to Embrace your Role as the LEADER of the Main Event:
  1. Every person has something valuable to share.  
  2. Every person desires to be seen and valued.
  3. Conversation lets everyone hear different perspectives (i.e. critical thinking).
  4. Conversation gives you a pulse of what is happening in someone's life.
  5. Conversation and interaction gives you an inside peek into gifts and abilities with those around the table.
  6.  Conversation and interaction gives you the ability to share God's truth.
  7. Conversation and interaction lets you understand how God uniquely speaks to each person.
  8. Conversation and interaction gives you permission to challenge a next step.
  9. Conversation leads to prayer.
  10. Conversation gives you the fuel to give encouragement and words of affirmation. 
You are the creator of a learning environment who weaves together what a speaker, teacher, preacher has to say and pulls it together for practical application. You create the safe environment for people to risk being vulnerable. You create the learning environment for someone to make a decision to grow, develop and change. 
Thank you for leading the main event.  

Author, Debbie Eaton


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