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The Welcoming Smell of Chocolate Chip Cookies

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The smell of chocolate chip cookies baking is so welcoming. When they come out of the oven you are drawn to pull up a chair, grab a glass of milk and savor the sweet taste of chocolate and conversation.
What comes to your mind when you walk into a house where you can smell chocolate chip cookies baking?
One of my favorite childhood memories was walking into my grandparents house to the smell of cookies baking. As they came out of the oven the excitement of savoring a warm cookie invited me to the quality time I would have with them. Over a gooey cookie I could safely open up about my day whether it was good or challenging. A warm cookie has that effect.
The way you welcome your group, whether they are new or long time friends, sets the way for savoring conversation. 
Here are a few welcoming tips as your group is starting the new year.

A warm welcome invites connection.

In a world that lures us to think we are connected through a text, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, a smile and warm welcome can melt away the stress of the day.
Your intentionality of creating a welcoming and inviting space will open up the connections with everyone. Your welcome sets the tone for your quality time together and gives the message that those who enter in are important. 

Presence is the beginning, middle and end of open conversation.

Being present and not distracted is the key for people to know that their time and presence is valued. 
As you lean in to ask questions, listen and engage, you are modeling "presence" and it will create an environment for openness and learning that triggers personal growth. Be intentional with putting the phones away and savor the rich conversation.
Lastly, why not start your group this year with the smell of warm chocolate cookies baking that welcomes them to a sweet treat of not just chocolate but the sweetness of your friendship and invitation to grow together this year. 
 Author, Debbie Eaton

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