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Negative Thought Worksheet

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Invite God's Presence into Your Thoughts

 When we get stressed, frustrated, worried or anxious, those emotions are often fueled by the lies we believe and the negative thoughts we are dwelling on. This week, invite God's presence into your heart and mind by prayerfully working through these questions.

We suggest you copy and paste them into a new document, print it out, and spend time writing out your answers over the next several days. If you journal, you could simply add these questions to your normal routine. Repeat the process for each persistent negative thought you have.

Negative Thought Worksheet
  1. What anxious or negative thought do you want to change? Write it down here as completely as possible:

  2. Usually, our anxious and negative thoughts have a teeny tiny bit of truth in them. That’s what makes them so believable. What about your negative thought IS true?

  3. While there may be a little bit of truth in the negative thought, there is likely a lot of untruth in it. What truths and ideas counter your negative thought?

  4. What do you know that is true about God, His character, His promises, and His love for you that can counter your negative thought?

  5. Write down an alternate, more accurate thought here. When you find yourself believing the negative thought, choose to remember and believe this thought instead. 


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