Tragedy in Texas

Tuesday, May 24th: We reeled as the news unfolded of yet another senseless and horrific mass shooting of innocent lives; This time, it was children and teachers in Uvalde, Texas. The tragedy at Robb Elementary school leaves us shaken, mourning, heartbroken, angry, and devastated. As we grieve and attempt to process the anti-Christ actions displayed on Tuesday, we know that this is not a time to be silent.

Jesus was radically anti-violence - How He handled the last 24 hours before the cross is the greatest demonstration of Christ's value of anti-violence. It is HIS words and actions that drive our core conviction - to love God and love others. There is so much broken in our world, and so much we can be afraid of, but we serve a God who gently asks us not to fear.

Our pastoral team is praying for the victims, our country, and you as you process through these tragedies. Let us know how we can support you using the links below. For those of you who have kids, we pray that you have honest conversations about what is happening, but you also express our hope in Christ. Resources can be found below.

Processing Tragedy

As we engage in the world around us, the challenging skill for all Christians to learn is how to step away from the viewpoints of the political left and right. As followers of Jesus, we are to use the words and actions of Jesus as a guide to inform us on how to love others well and how the values of Christ can shape our viewpoint and reaction to current events.

We are here for one another. Let's lean into our community with love, grace, and humility. If you need support or want to talk more, please let us know by reaching out to an Area Pastor near you. 

Brentwood: Clint and Diane Rutledge
Hayward: "Sando" Sanderson
Livermore: Becky Fitch
Online: Christiaan VandenHeuvel
San Ramon Valley: Elisha Bongay
Walnut Creek: Adrian Tsingaris
Leadership: Steve Ingold and Chris Stockhaus


Honest conversations around this tragedy are laced with fear and anxiety but also can contain hope, love, and support. We care about you and your kids. Below you will find resources to help provide support and resources for conversations. 




How to Talk to Your Kids About Crisis

Blog post:

5 Ways to Support your Kids During Crisis


How to talk to your kids about the Robb Elementary tragedy - with Sissy Goff, M.Ed, LPC-MHSP, CCATP

If you need support or want to talk more, please let us know by reaching out to a CF Kids or Youth Pastor near you.

Brentwood: Chelsea Whitley (Kids) and Miles Scott (Youth)
Hayward: "Sando" Sanderson
Livermore: Ryan Bicker (Kids), Chelsie Anderson (Middle School), and Jake Rexroad (High School)
Online: Christiaan VandenHeuvel
San Ramon Valley: Courtney Berry (Kids) and Jake Rexroad (Youth)
Walnut Creek: Amber Kotowski (Kids), Adrian Tsingaris (Youth), and Trevor Stripling (Youth)