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Why We Gather Week 07 (Participant Guide)

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  • YourGroup leaderhas beenprovided with way too much content so that theyhave plenty of material to work with please trust their lead as they choose the elements that are best suited for your group dynamic, andespeciallyif they choose to skip overparticular elements or questions.

  • If you still wantto engage with a particular question or element that your Group leader skipped over, consider going through that part with a family member, a friend, or on your own.

Setting the Tone: (Say Aloud, 1 minute)
Every time we gather, we'll practice a ground rule, goal, or value as a group.

This Week's Value: One of our values at Cornerstone is Community, because you can't do life alone. Does anyone have a story of a person who has helped them to become more like Jesus? How have you grown as a Christ-follower because of how this person has impacted your life?

Focus of this Week's Message: (Say Aloud, 1 minute)

We were designed to function in groups. And we flourish when our group accepts us for who we really are and holds us accountable for all that we can be.

Everyone is looking for their tribe – a group that they can be open and honest with, depending on them through life's ups and downs. As we become these groups, we look like the Church as Jesus intended it to be.A healthy local church provides the encouragement, support, and fellowship we crave.

The Church that Jesus built is also designed to provide something that no other group could ever provide: eternal solutions.

Creative Engagement with This Week's Message: (5 minutes)

Jesus' disciple, Peter, says each of us is a "living stone," being crafted together into a spiritual building by God. Take a few minutes to reflect on the image of a stone archway below.

Consider what would happen to the archway if any of its stone were removed. As a body of believers, how are we similar to this archway?


Questions for Large Group Discussion (30 minutes):

(Prompt the group)Let's all have a Bible open and in front of us as we discuss what God was saying to us from this week's message.

Questions for Basic Understanding:
This part of the group discussion is about gaining a big picture, "lay of the land" view of what's happening in Scripture.

  • This weekend we talked about finding our group a tribe that spurs us on to be more of who we should be. In 1 Peter 2:5, how are we described? As a group, what does it say that we are being built into?
  • Read 1 Peter 2:9. What are the four descriptions Peter uses for who we are? And what is our purpose?

Questions for Listening to Scripture:
This part of the group discussion is about wrestling with the meaning of what Scripture is saying.

  • Peter says that we are "living stones" being built together into a spiritual house. What does this language convey about the way God created as individuals? Why is each of us so important to this house?
  • The spiritual building that Peter is referring to is the Church. Based on these verses and others (like Hebrews 10:24-25), what is the Church designed to be and do?
  • These verses challenge us to be part of a group and lean on each other. Why is isolation so dangerous to the life of a Jesus follower?

Questions for Being Examined by Scripture:
This part of the group discussion is when we ask God how He wants to take these words from the pages of the Story of Scripture, apply them to our hearts and lives, and call us to move on what He is saying to us.

  • Each of us has gotten to where we are with the help of people around us that believed in who we could become. Does anyone have a story about a person who identified your gifting and challenged you to develop it?
  • Pastor Steve said that people who are more content are those who have regular interaction in meaningful relationships. How have you seen this as true in your life? Have you ever become grumpier in the times when you were more isolated?
  • Share an experience where you found encouragement, support, and/or fellowship from the local church. How have you drawn from that experience to be like that for others?

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