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Truth in Love

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This week's message focused on how showing grace, truth, and empathy in our friendships help us achieve God's design. Consider these questions as they apply to your life.

1.  “Our capacity for self-deception has no known limits” - Michael Novak.  What comes to mind when you hear this quote from the sermon?

2. Think about a time God pointed out your sin to you though someone else.  How did you respond?

3.  In light of the love Jesus has for us, what does it look like when we apply the same love in difficult discussions with our friends?  Give an example of how we can do this better.

4. Pastor Steve asks us to allow God to show us where we need to truth and repentance by reviewing: our words, our attitude, our finances and our behavior with God.  Are you open to this idea?  Explain your answer.


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