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Trusting God in Our Suffering

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This week's message had Pastor Clint explain to us the common but difficult question of how God being all powerful, all knowing and all good can still allow bad things to happen to us and in the world. Consider these questions as they apply to your life.

1. How does the story of Lazarus and Jesus' reaction to his death challenge or change your perspective about God's response to human suffering and evil?


2. How can we, as individuals (and as a church community), embody the love and empathy of Jesus when responding to those in our lives who are experiencing pain and suffering, bringing the Kingdom of God to earth?


3. Why is it sometimes difficult to trust God's love and plan when facing suffering and evil, especially when miracles seem elusive or absent? How can we grow our faith in these challenging times?


4. In the face of suffering and evil, how can we leverage our doubts and questions to deepen our relationship with God, rather than allow doubts to drive us away from God? How can wrestling with these questions bring us closer to understanding God's love?




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