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The Devil We Know

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This week's message answered some of our questions in relation to the Devil and how his influence can be seen in our lives. Consider these questions as they apply to you.

1. How did Steve's message change or challenge your understanding of the devil? Do you agree with his stance on personal responsibility for sin, or do you lean more toward the idea that "the devil made me do it"?


2. In the message, there was a heavy emphasis on ego, self, and pride going hand-in-hand with devil. How do you see this manifest in your life or the world around you? What are some practical steps you can take to combat these tendencies?


3. Reflecting on the concept of 'content hope and wise uncertainty,' how does this contrast with 'tortured fear and stupid confidence'? Can you identify instances in your personal life or your faith journey where these dynamics have been in play?


4. Reflecting on the three approaches to evil mentioned by NT Wright - the head in the sand approach, the wallowing approach, and the self-righteous approach - which one do you tend to lean towards? How might you shift towards the way of Jesus in recognizing and confronting evil with the reality and power of the Kingdom of God?



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