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Listen Learn Love - Week 4

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LEADER INTROThroughout this sermon series, leaders and their group members are encouraged to visit this special webpage which offers additional resources updated on an ongoing basis. This page will be helpful for you or anyone in your group who wants to explore the topic of Biblical justice and...

Listen Learn Love - Week 1

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LEADER INTROWhen Jesus told His followers to love others as He loves (John 15:12), He didn’t include any limitations, exceptions, or escape clauses. Throughout the Gospels we see our Savior honoring and loving every person He encountered, no matter their race, creed, preferences, or sin...

You Asked For It 2.0 - Week 5

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What is heaven going to be like? BEFORE YOU GATHER Familiarize yourself with this Group Study Guide. If you missed it, CLICK HERE to watch the weekend sermon. Spend time in prayer before your group gathers. To help you prepare, CLICK HERE for a few facilitation tips when it comes to...