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Rich and Poor - Conversation Guide

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Our days are spent in a world of opposites. Jesus highlighted opposites, and juxtapositions, throughout His teachings. But what does His Gospel for you and for me? What IS the Gospel? In this teaching series, we will define what we mean when we use the word Gospel at Cornerstone Fellowship. By diving a bit into history and then going deeper every week through the GOOD, and the BAD. Join us as we talk about how to present the Gospel to the world around us in a healthy and impactful way.

Rich and Poor

Jesus reframes, shows, and promises a vision for living out the Gospel. When it comes to how we live, who we are, how we spend our money, and how we prioritize the use of our wealth and influence, when was the last time we asked the question “What if...?” When we consider the rich and the poor, Jesus’ words and actions may challenge us to rethink previously held convictions. And then show us where, just maybe, we’ve been swimming in dangerous waters. Let's lean into the Holy Spirit so He can show us where He is and where we should “swim” instead.

This week CF Online was joined by Sara Goetz.

This week, her message is what will prompt you to think about the questions listed below. If you have not had a chance to watch it, we highly encourage you to do so, as it will help provide context moving forward. 

Whether you find yourself with a group, a friend, a family member, or are by yourself, take some time to read, process, and discuss/journal through the questions below. 

  • Take some time to read Luke 6:20-26 a bit deeper this week. What stands out to you about these passages? Compare and contrast these verses to last week's message and conversation.

  • Define the word "restore." What do you think of when you hear that word?

  • Describe a time when Jesus was your lifeguard. 

  • Money and wealth are often very touchy subjects. Why? With who? How? 

  • How might you reevaluate how you live your life?

  • Consider: Have I become trapped by the promises of the world? Where do you find yourself getting tangled (think promises of comfort, influence, power, wealth)? 

  •  Maybe you want to also consider asking someone close to you the same question, "Do you think I have become entrapped? Do you feel that I am rich toward God?"

What DO we DO if we want to change our relationship with money? How can we go about that? Here are some action step ideas you can take this week:

  • What if you prayed for the next 7 days, every day, asking God to show you what he wants you do with your money? Maybe it’s a general prayer about your finances, maybe specific, about a purchase you are considering.

  • What if you prayed for the next 7 days, every day, asking God if there are changes he wants you to make? Pull in others to pray with you.

  • What if you prayed for the next 7 days, every day, asking what you can support? Start to research what that might entail.


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