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Restfulness vs. Restlessness - Conversation Guide

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Reconstruction is Built on the Foundation of Jesus.

As we journey through life, it is natural to question and reevaluate our beliefs and understandings. This process of deconstruction can be both challenging and uncomfortable as we come face to face with our limitations and the realization that our understanding of the world and faith is not as solid as we once thought. But as we learn to trust in God even more, we can find peace and comfort in knowing He is the ultimate foundation of our faith.

It is important to remember that if the construct of the Christian faith that has been handed to you is causing discomfort, it is okay to question it. However, we should work through our doubts and uncertainties instead of running away. As we delve deeper into the Church and the people within it, we may understand the pain and hurt that has occurred in the past and why so many are leaving the faith. We must remember that faith is not about a set of absolutes but a relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is easy to fear that deconstruction is a slippery slope that leads to loss and uncertainty, but it is essential to remember that the Christian faith finds its cornerstone in Jesus Christ. While we may question and doubt certain aspects of our theology, we must trust that our foundation in Jesus will always remain firm. We can compare our faith to the game of Jenga, in which we may remove certain wooden blocks without causing the whole structure to collapse.

As we engage in this process of deconstruction, we must also commit ourselves to reconstruction through contemplative prayer and conversation with others. We should take the time to sit with our doubts and offer them to God, pondering and wondering as we seek to understand His will for us. We must also be open to talking with others and learning from their experiences and perspectives.

In conclusion, as we journey through life, we will inevitably encounter moments of deconstruction and uncertainty. But we must trust in the solid foundation of our faith in Jesus Christ and allow Him to guide us through reconstruction. Let us seek to understand and grow in our relationship with Him through contemplative prayer and open dialogue with others.

This week's conversation video has Pastors Christiaan and Steve talking through this week's message on what deconstruction is and how having questions enables us to not only deepen our faith, but strengthen it.

Conversation Questions:

What story in the Bible (if you had to be very honest) is hard to believe is true?

Read the book of Jonah (it is only 4 chapters)

What details about the account of Jonah and the Big Fish are imperative to believe as 100% true?

Ingold said, "And it can be scary and feel like we are leaving God behind… but I think we are actually just leaving behind the God we can understand and control"....what about God do you sometimes wish you could control?

Based on God's response to Jonah, " Should I not have concern for the great city of Ninevah" What might be your Ninevah? (be honest!)  Where is God challenging you to reconstruct your thinking about them? What might that look like? Do you trust God? 

Contemplative Prayer practice for the week: Restfulness/Restlessness Inventory


Find a place to sit comfortably.

Relax your body (you may want to put your feet up, or plant them firmly on the ground, unfold your arms, relax your shoulders, rest your hands in your lap, palms facing upward). 

Set a timer for 1-2 minutes, where you can sit in silence.

After the timer goes off, take moment for inward reflection. Use this simple inventory to get a glimpse of your life in the present moment. 

Click below to download it!


(From Being With God: The Absurdity, Necessity, & Neurobiology of Contemplative Prayer by AJ Sherrill)


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