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Reconstruction Discussion

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Reconstruction Roundtable

This week we took some time to answer many of your questions regarding our walk through our series on "reconstruction"! If you haven't watched this week's message, you can find it right here!


  1. Discuss a situation when you spoke to another generation about Jesus. What did you learn from that conversation? Do you think listening could’ve developed more trust in that specific scenario?

  2. Does not having all the answers about creation make you uncomfortable? Or curious? What about Adam and Eve?

  3. What role does fear play in the way you vote or what polices you advocate for? If we were able to remove fear from the equation, how could Jesus’ love show up?

  4. What experiences can you share, that could assist your group in building or managing relationships with Christians who push agendas that seem in conflict with what you know about Jesus?

  5. What does your relationship with Jesus after reconstruction look like? What does it feel like?

additional resources

Here are direct links to a few resources for those of us with more questions regarding reconstruction that Pastor Diane had mentioned!


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