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Rebuilding Better Churches - Conversation Guide

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Rebuilding Better Churches

This week's message talked about why so many people find themselves in a state of deconstruction when it comes to their faith , be it starting to have doubts or even being completely lost in them. But almost as important as the question of "why" is the question "how do we do better?" Join us for this week's conversation between Pastors Steve and Christiaan as they discuss how we can identify our hurts and doubts and how we can begin to build back better, both in our own lives and as churches as a whole.



1. Pastor Steve says it our responsibility to boldly show others the kingdom of God through us. How do you interpret your role in giving others this glimpse of the kingdom?

2. Do you know what Jesus’ intentions for you are? Please discuss with your group.  Are there parts of Jesus’ messages that still confuse you or you would like help clarifying?

3. How does joining a small group with people who don’t have the same background as you or are in vastly different places with their walk with Jesus help reconstruct our church and our communities? Can you invite someone new to bring different perspective to your group?

4. Is reconstruction scarier than deconstruction?  Why or why not?

5. In honor of healing the church, is there someone you might need to forgive or apologize to?


“This is the declaration of our Church. We are compelled by the words and actions of Jesus. We are determined to partner with Jesus and his mission to restore all things. We are determined to live life together in community. We are determined to ask, “What does love require?” in every situation. We are determined to share advantages with those who are less advantaged. We are determined to include everyone, especially those not like us. We are determined to follow what Jesus said and what Jesus did even if it conflicts with some of our traditions and old ways of doing things.

This is what this kingdom demands of us, and we believe the church should look like this kingdom. And it’s so subversive and so different than what is expected or what can be comfortable. Because it happens when the rich and poor, powerful and marginalized, sinners and saints, all share equal status around the table.

When the last are first and the first are last. When we build tables, not fences. When the hungry are fed. When forgiveness never loses out to vengeance. When fear never loses out to hope. When we know no geographical boundaries, no political parties, no single language, or culture… and advance not through force, but through acts of love, joy, peace, mercy, kindness, and humility.

That’s our responsibility. We are here, we gather in such a way to give people a glimpse of the kingdom. Do you feel the weight of that?” -Steve Ingold

6. What challenges resonates encourages you about the mission of the church that Steve outlined?




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