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Pride and Humility - Conversation Guide

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Our days are spent in a world of opposites. Jesus highlighted opposites, and juxtapositions, throughout His teachings. But what does His Gospel for you and for me? What IS the Gospel? In this teaching series, we will define what we mean when we use the word Gospel at Cornerstone Fellowship. By diving a bit into history and then going deeper every week through the GOOD, and the BAD. Join us as we talk about how to present the Gospel to the world around us in a healthy and impactful way.

Pride and Humility

Pride and humility. Humility and pride. Bad vs. Good? Or just the opposite? The starkness between these feelings will pull us in polar directions if left unchecked. Yet, as followers of Jesus, if we are to live out the secure confidence of who Jesus is and who WE are in Jesus, our understanding of these different approaches needs to line up with His words. But how?

This week CF Online was joined by Steve Ingold for the conclusion of our series, Good News/Bad News.

His message is what will prompt you to think about the questions listed below. If you have not had a chance to watch it, we highly encourage you to do so, as it will help provide context moving forward. 

Whether you find yourself with a group, a friend, a family member, or are by yourself, take some time to read, process, and discuss/journal through the questions below. 

  • Take some time to read Luke 18:9-14 a bit deeper this week. What stands out to you about these verses? 

  • Define pride.

  • Define humility. 

  • How do pride and humility contradict one another? Can pride and humility coexist? Why or why not?

  • How can pride manipulate the vision we have of ourselves? Of others? Of God?

  • What elements of humility are hard to put into motion?

  • Steve talked through Richard Foster's idea of the "ministry of small things." i.e., "To do small things without being noticed; To never forget the little acts of kindness, guarding the reputation of others, guarding our hearts, guarding our tongues, hospitality, generosity, compassion, mercy… all those things that demand constant sacrifice… but don’t come with the applause." Talk through some examples of "small things."

  • What is the solution if pride is the underlying cause for the lack of connection many experience when around a Christ-centered community? 

Action step ideas:

1. This week, explore your connection to a Christ-centered community. Do you have this type of community? Are you connecting with folks who speak Holy Spirit-directed truth into your life? If you have found a community, spend time reflecting on what brought you together and how you can continue to foster healthy relationships and spiritual growth. If you have not found community yet, what stands in your way? Spend time reflecting on your thoughts and feelings while targeting a possible solution.

(If you are interested in participating in an online community, our CF Online community meets every Thursday night via Zoom. We invite you to join us! Email Christiaan VandenHeuvel for the time and link.

2. This week, identify one small thing you can do for someone else in humility, and DO IT!


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