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Playing With Fire Week 01 Group DiscussionGuide

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  • Familiarize yourself with this Group Discussion Guide
  • If you missed it,CLICK HEREto watch the weekend sermon
  • Read Proverbs 21:5
  • Sit in prayerful silence with God for a while, and ask the Holy Spirit if there is anything that he wants you to share during your group's time together.

Every week, we'll suggest some resources that can help you and others to pursue a life of wholeness, transparency, recovery, and healing.

READ THE ONLINE ARTICLE:Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry, by John Ortberg

READ A GREAT BOOK ON SABBATH: The Rest of God, by Mark Buchanan


Opening Prayer: (1-5 minutes)
In light of what God is saying through this week's message, here's some suggestions of how your group can invite God into your time together.

As you open up our time together, pray that God would speak to our hearts and minds during our discussion time and throughout the week. Pray for moments of clarity as we evaluate the busyness and hurry of our lives, and that the Holy Spirit would reveal areas that are not our "best yes." Ask God that, as we share, we would support and encourage one another, especially in taking our first step this week in preventative care.

Quick Connection: (5 minutes)
Haveeveryone take 30 seconds each to share a phrase or a moment from this weekend's message that is still resonating with them. You also have the option to say "Pass."

Large Group Discussion: (30 minutes)
This weekend's message came from Proverbs 21:5. If everyone has a Bible, let's go there together.

  • Describe a time or experience in your life when you have been burned, either literally or figuratively. In hindsight, was this something that could have been prevented? How?
  • What would our lives look like if we only made the best decisions?
  • Pastor Steve Ingold listed 10 symptoms of "hurry sickness," as we read this list, count off the symptoms that you have noticed in your own life:
  1. Irritability
  2. Hypersensitivity
  3. Restlessness
  4. Compulsive overworking
  5. Emotional numbness
  6. Escapist behaviors
  7. Disconnected from identity and calling
  8. Not able to attend to human needs
  9. Hoarding energy
  10. Slippage in spiritual practices

How did you score? In which areas?

  • Do you agree with this statement: "Hurry is the great enemy of spirit life in our day"? Why or why not?
  • Jesus is our great example of living life unhurried, rested, and connected to God. He was diligent with His decisions. In what are areas of your life do you make decisions carefully? What are some areas that need some evaluating?
  • Some possible steps for this week are:
    • Take time to evaluate your life: what is essential and what isn't.
    • Read the supplied article (above) and ask: how can I ruthlessly eliminate hurry this week to experience the shalom (peace) I was created for?
    • Read the supplied book recommendation (above) and begin to ask: how can I makeSabbath, Silence and Solitude with God a priority for this week?

CLOSING PRAYER (5-15 minutes):
In light of what God is saying through this week's message, here's some suggestions of what your group could talk about with God in prayer.

As we close in prayer, pray that God would continue to reveal areas in our lives that we may need to eliminate in order to slow down, rest, and discover the life of God. Pray that God would give us courage and determination to take some intentional next steps this week, and that we would encourage each other as we respond to what God is saying to each of us.


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