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Philippians - Week 1

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With a new series, comes a revised study guide! As a Community Group Leader, we want to offer you insight into Cornerstone's current series and how this relates to you and your Group. Please take a few minutes to visit the resource page below to understand the revisions!

Sermon Series Resources for Leaders


He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

Pastor Steve mentioned four anchor words to focus on when saying a Bible verse from memory. They are BEGAN, CARRY, COMPLETION, DAY.

BEGAN: Take a minute to think about the word began.

  • Can you think of a project you began that is/was near and dear to your heart? Why did you begin that project?
  • Why does God begin “good works” in His people?
  • Can you identify something that God has begun in your life? Is there a ministry or a relationship that you feel “in the middle of?”

CARRY: Take a minute to think about the word carry and the phrase carry it on.

  • What kinds of things do we “carry on?” When do we use the phrase “carry on?”
  • What does it mean to you that God will “carry on” his good work in you?

COMPLETION:  Take a minute to think about the word completion.

  • Think back to a project you began. How did you know when it was completed? Or how will you know when it will be completed?
  • We often think of “completion” as checking all the boxes or meeting all of the requirements. In Philippians 1:6 Paul tells us that completion is attained when Jesus returns. (
    How does thinking about “completion” in terms of a day and not a task change the way we consider God’s work in our lives?

DAY: Take a minute to think about the word day.

  • Do you enjoy countdowns to events? What about counting down brings you joy?
  • In what way does this verse help us find encouragement that a better day is coming?
  • How can remembering this verse encourage you when you feel hopeless?


Our driving question for Community Groups this week is, “What do I need to know or understand about being a bond servant to Jesus so that I can align my thinking with God’s bigger plan and God has space to do His work?”

READ: Philippians 1
Leaders, Consider beginning your group by reading the entire book of Philippians.

Pastor Steve talked about servants and slaves in the first century:

Captured in Battle: These servants were owned, had no rights, or no hope for freedom

Paying off Debt: These servants had rights and were to be treated humanely as they worked as they worked for a predetermined amount of time to pay off a debt

Bond Servant: These servants willingly bound themselves to a wealthy, powerful master because of the benefits and protection they received. These servants might be a chef, tutor, nanny, winemaker, builder, horse trainer, doctor, philosopher, poet, or a scholar, to name a few. They were well treated and under a binding contract.

Paul and Timothy described themselves as a bond servant to Christ.

  • How would you describe the similarities and differences between the three different kinds of servants in the first century?
  • Do you agree with Pastor Steve’s assertion that humans are wired to serve something or someone? Have you seen this at work in your life or in the life of someone else?
  • What do you think Paul means when he says that He and Timothy are bonded servants to Jesus Christ?
  • What benefits and protection does Jesus offer those who are bonded to him? Use the following web article to aid your answer:
  • In what way might someone find themselves hopelessly enslaved or entrapped to a circumstance or feeling they feel they need to “repay” before they can find freedom?
  • Do you feel enslaved and unable to escape to something/someone in your life?
  • Refer back to the link to Bible Study tools listed above. What has Jesus promised about the freedom He gives? How can you pray for each other to find freedom in being Bonded to Jesus?


For this week, consider memorizing Philippians 1:6 individually. There are many ways that someone can memorize a verse. You will find two different ways listed below. Feel free to choose one ... or both!

In addition, we encourage you to check out Daily StepsDaily Steps is a new devotional guide designed as a companion to our weekly study guide, but it’s focused on an individual's journey, rather than group study and discussion.

Daily Steps - Philippians - Week 1

MEMORY VERSE: Learn Through Repetition

He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6

Say this verse 3 times each day:

▢  ▢  ▢  Monday
▢  ▢  ▢  Tuesday
▢  ▢  ▢  Wednesday
▢  ▢  ▢  Thursday
▢  ▢  ▢  Friday

Use the following template to fill in the blanks:

He who began a _________________ work in you will ______________ it on to _________________ until the _________ of Christ Jesus. Philipians 1:6

He who ___________ a _________________ __________ in you will ______________ it on to _________________ until the _________ of ____________ Jesus. ______________ 1:6

________ who ___________ a _________________ __________ in _________ will ______________ it on to _________________ _________ the _________ of ____________ Jesus. ______________ 1:__

________ ______  ___________ a _________________ __________ in _________ will ______________ it _____ to _________________ _________ the _________ of ____________ __________.  ______________ ___ : ___

________ ______  ___________ ___ _________________ __________ ___ _________ _____ ______________ ___ _____ ____ _________________ _________ ____ _________ ___ ____________ __________.

______________ ___ : ___


After each weekend sermon, our pastors and various church leaders, will sit down and have a 15-20 minute discussion around the weekend's sermon. Search for "CF Beyond Sunday" wherever you listen to podcasts, or watch on YouTube by tapping the button below. FYI - This week's episode is #51. 



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