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On Mission - September 11 - September 17

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"For all of us, it is JOY that God turned a crucifixion into a resurrection. It’s JOY that He turned a bloodstained cross into an empty tomb. It’s JOY that He invites us to experience resurrected life with him." - Pastor Steve Ingold.

This week (September 11 - September 17), we will look at John 16. Feel free to read these passages (and any surrounding passages) in various translations to provide additional context. 

Study Questions

Below is a list of questions designed to help you unpack, process, and apply the text at hand at a personal, community group, and broader Church level. A few of these questions remain consistent every week. You are welcome to answer one, answer all, and/or supplement your own questions. 

  • When was the last time you heard something you didn't want to hear? Explain.

  • How does joy grow in us even in seasons of grief?

  • Describe a time when you experienced JOY. What stands out to you about that memory?

  • What themes stand out to you in this chapter? Why?

  • After hearing this message, what stands out to you about Christ’s mission?

  • Where do you see (or not see) this text being lived out in today's society? Explain.

  • Where in this passage is Jesus speaking directly to you? Why?

  • Using His words and actions as your guide, where and how can you take action to move closer to Him this week?

Personal Reflection: This week, and in the weeks to come, take some time to consider your reactions or potential responses to things you see and hear and ask yourself, is how I feel about this rooted in faith... or in fear?


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