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Not Other's Opinions

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This week's message closed out our series on the lies that we believe, focusing on how we are more than the opinions that other people might have of us. Think of these questions as they might apply to your own life.

1.  Discuss social media’s role in “I am what others think of me”.  How can we change the role of social media in our lives going forward?

2. We speak of radically accepting others as a church body.  What does radically accepting yourself despite what others may think of you, look like for you?

3. Pastor Becky says, “I believe that one of the main reasons we are so desperate for the approval of others is because we don’t actually believe we have the approval of God.” What are your thoughts about this statement?

4.  “You and I were created to find our identity and approval in something outside of ourselves and until that ‘something’ is God, we’ll constantly be tempted to believe we can earn approval from others.” - Pastor Becky.  Name some of the “somethings” you use for validation and approval.


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