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More than Material Wealth

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This week's message talked about how we are more than what we have. Consider these questions as they apply to your life.

1. Read Matthew 19:16-26.  Put yourself in the wealthy young man’s position.  How do you think you would react to Jesus’ words?  What if you overheard Jesus’ words to the disciples in verse 23 and 24, would that change how you view money and possessions?

2.  If Jesus reconciled your bank account last month, what would Jesus say about you?

3.  Pastor Steve Madson says, “…one of the ways we battle against out money and our possession having too much control over us is with consistent generosity.” What does consistent generosity do to your relationship with the community and God?

4. Discuss Proverbs 11:25.  What does this passage say to you?



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