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Let's Talk About Depression

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Everyone will experience sadness in life, but not everyone will go through depression. Depression is not a choice. Yes, sometimes choices made could lead someone down that path. But, many times, depression can result from things out of someone’s control, and sometimes, it seems like depression happens for no reason. Join Amy Sargent (Pastor, LMFT, and M.Th.) for this final week of our Mental Health series. Amy shares her journey of depression and how the not far-off HOPE that exists can be experienced through Jesus and the Holy Spirit living in us. 

Study Questions

Below is a list of questions designed to help you continue the conversation at a personal, community group, and broader Church level. A few of these questions remain consistent every week. You are welcome to answer one, answer all, and/or supplement additional questions based on individual needs. 

  • Who do you know that is impacted by depression? What does that look like for you and/or for them?
  • When you come across someone who is wrestling with depression, how do you respond?
  • What are your beliefs about how Jesus would respond?
  • Where can you focus on being more loving toward people struggling with depression? 

Additional Resources

Following each conversation of this series, our hope and prayers are that anyone who is or knows someone struggling with mental health, including mental illness, can find the support and resources they need to obtain hope, health, and healing. A list of resources has been compiled to help this journey. 



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