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Learning to Resist Lust

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learning to resist lust

This week, Pastor Becky Fitch lead us through a message on how our worldly lust can manifest itself as more than a desire for flesh and base needs. Join in the conversation as she sits down with Pastor Christiaan to discuss how worldly lusts manifest in their own lives and how we as Christ followers can recognize and resist the urges.


Read 1 John 2:15 - 17


1. How does asking "what does love require?" help you manage your responses to the social issues of today?


2. How does understanding “the world” through the lens of Pastor Becky’s definition aid in identifying what influences us?

Definitions of "the world"...

Our cultural and social practices that are under the control of Satan, and thus, opposed to God – Dallas Willard...

“a system of ideas, values, morals, practices, and social norms that are integrated into the mainstream and eventually institutionalized in a culture corrupted by the twin sins of rebellion against God and the redefinition of good and evil.” John Mark Comer...



3. Is there something you use to provide instant gratification or comfort that you need to consider as possible interference between you and God?


4. What rule or rules are hard for you to follow? How do you view rules? As a structure to benefit society? Or a troublesome suggestion of how to behave? Or somewhere in between?


5. Discuss how being a light to your circle of influence benefits the Kingdom of God. Who is one person whose love for the Lord inspires you to be patient, kind, nonjudgmental, and loving? How do they make you feel when you are in their presence?




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