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Kingdom, Part 7- Study Guide

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We are so glad that you are digging deeper into the message from Kingdom, Part 6.

This guide exists to help you process and better understand the message. Feel free to answer some or all of the questions. You can also choose to focus on one aspect that speaks to the group. Think of this study guide as a resource to help you and your group listen to the Holy Spirit and respond to His calling.

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Kingdom: Unlike Any Other

Throughout this series, we encourage you to consider this question: 

After studying what Jesus says about the Kingdom of God, how can we be better representatives of His Kingdom here on earth?

Focusing our eyes on Jesus’ Kingdom to see and love things as He sees and loves things requires hard but fulfilling work. Not only does it require us to embrace a focus that often goes against our human nature, but it also requires the we root or rip away anything that is not OF Jesus. By doing so, we are giving our hearts the space to begin to understand his GREATNESS.

Read Acts 2:42 and John 14:12.

  • What are activities in our communities, work lives, or home lives that are not of Jesus?
  • What could it mean to “root them out?”
  • What activities can I personally, or together with others, contribute towards “rooting out?”

Read Matthew 20:28.

  • How does Jesus describe the world’s view of great rulers?
  • How does Jesus describe His view of greatness?

Read Matthew 20:20-28.

  • What is meant by positional greatness?
  • What could we each do to intentionally, aggressively, and actively with determination resist giving in to the “positional greatness?”

Read Matthew 20:26-28.

  • In what ways did Jesus serve others?
  • In what ways can we serve others as modeled by Jesus?

What is Jesus teaching me about His Kingdom?

  • What does it mean to adopt the posture of service with personal value?
  • How do we make ourselves available to be shaped by Jesus’ life?
  • What do we need to ask God to take out of us so that we can adopt a posture of service for the sake of others?
  • What will I do this week for someone in my community that models Jesus?


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