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Kingdom, Part 5 - Study Guide

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We are SO glad that you are digging deeper into this week's sermon from Kingdom - Part 5 with Pastor Diane Rutledge! 

This guide was written to help you process and better understand the message. Feel free to answer some or all of the questions or focus on one aspect from this study guide that speaks to the group. Think of this as a resource to help you and your group listen to the Holy Spirit and respond to His calling.

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Kingdom: Unlike Any Other

Throughout this series, we encourage you to consider this question: 

After studying what Jesus says about the Kingdom of God, how can we be better representatives of His Kingdom here on earth?

What “systems” do you navigate every day? (i.e., a school system, legal system, medical system, etc.…) What is your role in these systems? How do they impact you? How do you impact them?

The Jews in the New Testament lived under Roman oppression and occupation. They felt sure that the Messiah would overturn, abolish, and destroy the structures and systems of the world they lived in so that they could be free. Are there structures or systems that you wish, like the New Testament Jews, Jesus would overturn, abolish, or destroy?

What is Jesus teaching me about His Kingdom?

Read Philippians 2:5-11 & Matthew 28:18

Pastor Diane said, “A kingdom is shaped by the character of its king.” 

  • How do these passages explain the nature and the character of Jesus, our King?  
  • What stands out to you about how these passages describe Jesus? 
  • What words does Paul use to describe Jesus? 
  • What insight do these passages give us about the kind of king Jesus is? 
  • What do these passages teach you about how Jesus defines true Kingship? 
  • What do these passages teach us about the way Jesus intends to rule His Kingdom?  

Read Philippians 3:20-21 & then Philippians 3:12-14

  • What does this passage teach us about Paul's singular focus as a citizen of heaven living on earth?

Pastor Diane ended her sermon by saying, “Our King transcends the systems of this world, and as citizens of heaven, He has commissioned us to represent His Kingdom to the world.”

Think back to the systems you navigate and are a part of every day. Consider your role in these systems. 

  • How can you live within our worldly systems in a way that honors the King of our Heavenly citizenship? 
  • What does being a citizen of heaven mean when you navigate those systems that you wish Jesus would overturn, abolish, or destroy? 

Read 1 Peter 1:3-6 and 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

  • How do we maintain hope, knowing that the earthly systems that promise to save us will ultimately let us down? 
  • As a citizen of heaven, Paul did not ignore the world or detach himself from his neighbors’ physical and spiritual needs. How does the hope expressed in the passages above compel us to live as citizens of heaven, fully present in this world and ready to meet our neighbors’ physical and spiritual needs?


Prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction as you navigate the systems and structures you are a part of. Ask God to show you specifically how He is asking you to show up in this world as a citizen of heaven, how you can live fully present, and meet the physical and spiritual needs of your neighbors.


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