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How to Be Hospitable

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This week's message on the spiritual practice of hospitality offered some clear cut steps to act as god would have us. Consider the questions for further discussion and contemplation.

1. As we go into the holidays, this is a great time to invite someone to church.  Is there someone who says they are lonely that would benefit from community? Who will you invite to join you at church or community group this week?

2. Discuss what you think of hospitality as a spiritual practice.  What does this mean to you?

3. Pastor John walks us through the following actions as part of this spiritual practice:
Act like someone is coming over
Attend to one thing
Allow the church in
Accept Jesus’ hospitality
What actions are easy for you and which ones are hard?  Maybe you have other ideas of how you would like to extend hospitality?  Share with your group.

4. Last week we discussed stewardship over ownership.  How is this playing out for you this week?



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