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How Do We Measure Friendship?

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This week's message introduced to our new series on what friendship looks like through Christ's eyes.  Join pastors Steve Ingold and Adrian Tsingaris for a discussion on today's message and what we can do to understand what friendship actually looks like.

1. Proverbs 27:10 Says to go to your neighbor instead of a relative who lives farther way. When disaster hits, where will you go? Why? Can we take these reasons and apply them to becoming better neighbors and friends?

2. What is something a friend has done for you that you will never forget? How can we use that example to improve our relationships with others?

3. Pastor Adrian says that “Jesus describes how He acts towards us and thinks about us” in John’s Gospel. What are some ways we can do this better within our community group?

4. Name one thing you could do to bolster your friendship with someone you struggle to be a friend to.


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