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Forward Week 04 (Participant Guide)

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  • YourGroup leaderhas beenprovided with way too much content so that theyhave plenty of material to work with please trust their lead as they choose the elements that are best suited for your group dynamic, andespeciallyif they choose to skip overparticular elements or questions.
  • If you still wantto engage with a particular question or element that your Group leader skipped over, consider going through that part with a family member, a friend, or on your own.

Sermon Recap Video Clip: (Watch Together, 6 minutes)
So that everyone is caught up with the essence of this weekend's message, watch this video clip as a Group: CLICK HERETO WATCH THE CLIP ON VIMEO

Let's all have a Bible opened up to John 9:1-14as we discuss what God was saying to us from this week's message.

  • Our church's strategy – to have communities within 10 miles of everyone in the East Bay – is an adaptation of theancient examplethat Jesus initiated. As you are reminded ofdifferent aspects of Jesus' ministry, feel free to share a story or an example of how you have seen that lived out by other Christ followers:
    • Even though He was the Prince of Heaven, Jesus lived amongcommon people
    • He spent considerable time with good, moral, religious folks, but He also showed a surprising amount of respect for everyone else
    • He was well-liked in groups that religion had rejected
    • He didn't ask people to come to Hishometown; He came to theircommunities
    • The gatherings that He hosted could be small and intimate one day, and a massive crowd on another day
    • He developed deep friendships, apprenticing people that He loved to do Gospel work in their own neighborhoods long after He moved on
    • He never hesitated to challenge flawed people to greatness
    • He never stopped showing up, even afterHis ascension. To this day, His followers experience His presence when theymeet
    • Which of these aspects of Jesus' ministry would you want to start putting into practice in your own life? How will you need the help of this group to live that out?
  • What do you picturewhen you hear that one of our missions asa churchis to repair the fabric of the East Bay? How is God going to do that through Christian communities like ours?
  • This weekend, we were reminded that when you give to God, you partner with God.Are you convinced that one of the best channels for generosity is the local church? What are you hoping that God willdo through your generosity to others?


Based on how God has spoken to us through this weekend's message, here are some thoughts and examples of how we can put God's word into everyday practice.

Last week and thisweek, we introduced an important objective of our Forward series taking time to reflectand pray about howGod is calling us to be generous. TheIntention Cards that we've all been given are a tool that allows us to put our heart on paper, andstate how we intend to givetowards the advancement of God's Kingdom in the next two years.This card is a tool to help us process with our spouse, our family, our housemates what is the Holy Spirit leading us to do? Through prayer and looking at our finances, we're using this card to guide us into our next steps of gospel-shaped generosity.

Spend some time in the days to come, prayerfully asking God what He has in mind for you when it comes to generosity.

If you have questions during this process of discernment,look through the Forward portion of our church website and reflect on what Cornerstone is hoping to see God do in the East Bay.


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