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Exclusive and Inclusive

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This week's message talked about how Jesus' ministry was paradoxical: inclusive of everyone, but exclusive to those who accepted the gift of salvation and put into practice His teachings and acted out his commands. Join us this week as Pastor Christiaan and Pastor Steve Ingold sit down to discuss some of the intricacies of how such an offer of salvation works and how we can learn to recognize it in our lives today.



1. Read Philippians 2.  God comes down to walk the earth as a human.  What stands out to you?  Why?

2. Can you think of someone who is displays the fruit of the Spirit who is NOT a Christian?  What can you learn from them?

3. Pastor Steve stated, “ Our extremely exclusive beliefs produce extremely inclusive behavior.  This is what humility cultivates.”  Sit with this statement.  Discuss with your group what you think of the statement.

4.  What does the inclusivity of Christianity mean to you?  How does it play out in your life?

5. Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough or you need to do more to make Jesus love you?  As this sermon helped you through those emotions?

6. The disciples asked Jesus to destroy the Samaritans and He refused.  How do you stand up for people who live in a different neighborhood from you?  Or stand across the isle from you politically?  Does this example of Jesus protecting the Samaritans like family and not enemies help you to see those different from you as God’s creation too?


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