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Doing Away with Our "To-Do" Lists

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This week's sermons honed in on the fact that there's no denying we as humans focus on the tangible things around us to measure our progress. Join Pastors Christiaan and Steve Ingold as they discuss some simple steps we can take to focus less on our worldly progress checks and cultivate more ways to see God's "good fruit" in and around us.

1. What does it mean to you personally to "bear good fruit" as a follower of Jesus? How does it align with your understanding of a Christ-centered life?

2. Reflecting on Galatians 5:22-23, which aspect of the fruit of the Spirit do you find most challenging to cultivate in your life? Why is it challenging, and how can you overcome those obstacles?

3. How can we actively remain connected to Jesus and align ourselves with the desires of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives? Share practical strategies or habits that can help us cultivate a deeper relationship with Christ.

4. How can our  group encourage and support one another in the process of bearing good fruit? Discuss specific ways we can hold each other accountable, pray for one another, and provide practical support in our spiritual growth journeys.



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