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Discovering Who You Are in God

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This week's message lead us into a discussion on who we are in God's eyes, not the world's. Consider these questions as they apply to your life.


1. Fill in this statement.  I am ______.  Now fill in this statement. In Christ, I am ____.

2. What is the biggest lie you believe (or believed) about yourself?  Name the doubt(s) that led you to believe these lies.

3. Lies of Identity:  I am what I do.  I am what I have.  I am what others think of me.  Which lie of identity do you most conform to and why?

4. “When we start to look at ourselves the way God looks at us, that is a turning point in our spiritual formation journey,” says Pastor Becky Finch.  If love requires that we recognize God’s deep love for us, what truth do you need to believe about yourself today?


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