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Defining Spirituality - Study Guide

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Whether you joined us for live teaching at one of our 5 locations or tuned in online this week, you’ve joined Cornerstone on a journey of reimagining church. This week Pastor Becky Fitch opens the Bible to break down what the apostle Paul has to say about spirituality and how spiritual people should think and live connected with Jesus. Join the discussion!

If you missed the sermon this week, no problem! You can watch the on-demand Online Church message!  Click here

Discussion Questions
Read 1 Corinthians 2:6 - 3:3.

  • What do you automatically think of when it comes to being a “spiritual” person? Take a minute to reflect and share your ideas. 

    • How do you define spirituality

    • What kinds of things do spiritual people do?

    • How does our culture define spirituality?

  • I Corinthians 2 teaches that spirituality is the result of God’s Spirit living in us. Read Philippians 2:3-8. What qualities are evident in the lives of those who have God’s Spirit living in them? How do those qualities line up with your answers to the previous questions?

  • Paul reminds the Corinthians that because we are in Christ, “we have the mind of Christ.” In saying this, he is asking us to consider that instead of having a mind biased toward comfort, self-preservation, comparison, perfection, self-deprecation, or laziness, we should have the same thoughts, attitudes, and actions Christ had as He went to the cross.

    • Which mind-biased patterns of thinking does your mind naturally fall into?

    • What patterns of thinking would you like to change?

  • “True spirituality holds relational interaction as central to being spiritual.”

    • What do you think this means in our day-to-day lives?

    • Have you experienced a relationship with someone who demonstrates this? What did it look like?

    • How do you want to emulate this in your relationships?

  • Identify a relationship in your life/community that needs some "relational interaction" adjustments. What needs adjusting? How can you begin to make adjustments? This week, how can you commit to an adjustment, either small or large?

What's Next?

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