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Defending Christ from Culture

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This week's message spoke on how we as humans feel as though we are at war with each other and enemies of Christ, but in reality are actually going against his will in perpetrating conflict amongst each other rather than loving and coming alongside one another as we are called to. Consider these questions as they apply to you.


1. Pastor John asks, “How does knowing Jesus produce a future that protects humanity at all costs?  What’s my assignment in that?”.  Discuss these questions.  

2. Luke 22: 47-54 describes how Peter lashed out to protect Jesus.  Does Jesus need your protection on social media or on the streets?  Why or why not?  

3. Discuss these other questions from the sermon:  

a. Would Jesus offer kindness to the people I cut down?
b. What do my adversaries reveal about my heart?
c. Is my heart in alignment with the heart of Jesus?

4. What would it mean to just be quiet (as described at John’s daughter’s soccer game) when you want your thoughts to be heard and recognized?



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