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At Cornerstone Fellowship, we believe in living a life on mission with one another. Community is essential as we live out the words and actions of Jesus. That is why our Study Guide has shifted to be a conversation runway. Our hope and prayer is that conversation transpires with every message, whether in person or online. However, not just ANY conversation. A conversation that is real, authentic, and filled with moments that bring listening, love, and moments of learning. 

We hope this Conversation Guide helps break down barriers. We hope it sparks curiosity. We pray It stirs your relationship with Jesus to be deeper and stronger than ever. But that all starts with your willingness to be vulnerable and open to what God has for you. Thank you for being a part of a journey. 

Using a recent message, whether you find yourself with a group, a friend, a family member, or are by yourself, take some time to read, process, and discuss/journal through the questions below. 

  • Reread the passage or verses from the message.
  • What stands out to you about the passage or verses you read?
  • If you are familiar with these verses, is there a word, phrase, or concept that read differently to you this time? If you are new to these verses, what surprises, leaves questions, or intrigues you?
  • If possible, compare and contrast these verses to last week's message and conversation.
  • How does this message highlight the words and actions of Jesus?
  • From the message, what conflicts with your previous understanding or previous life moments?
  • What encouragement can you take or apply to your week from this message?
  • What adjustments can you make or discover throughout your day from this message?
  • How is God specifically speaking to you? Write down some thoughts and share your insights with someone.

You matter. Your story matters. If you find yourself in a place of needing support or connection, please let us know


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