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Borders or Banquets? - Conversation Guide

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Borders or Banquets?

We as humans are flawed- we often are aware of these flaws due to the innate nature of our sin and seek to distance ourselves from others, be it by isolating ourselves behind physical or emotional walls. But what if we made an active effort to tear down those borders and turn them into tables to gather at as places to see and know one another as banquets to celebrate in fellowship? Join us this week for our conversation as Pastors Christiaan and John Orozco talk about just what that looks like!

  1. Has this week’s sermon provoked you to consider if you are putting up borders in your community? How can you create more opportunities for banquets?
  2. Pastor John described Peter’s misplaced “good” intentions as rules Peter followed to uphold the religious expectations of the day. Explore what cultural and/or religious rules you consider to be non-negotiable. Does this prevent you from opening your heart to Jesus’ message?
  3. Discuss how God might be asking you to scoot over and allow someone to sit at your table. Who comes to mind? Someone who needs a second chance? Or maybe someone who needs to see the love of Jesus through you?
  4. What is your comfort level when asked to meet people right where they are? Do your needs or beliefs preclude your ability to see people the way God does?

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