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Awakening to Our Identities in Christ

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This week's discussion lead us into an in depth look at how we don't have just our material identities, but also a second identity as children of God, chosen by Him and saved by Jesus Christ. Consider these questions as they apply to you.

1. Nicodemus had to ask himself who he is after he spoke to Jesus.  He had to ask himself this: who do you think Jesus is? How does your knowledge of who Jesus is shape who you think you are?

2. Pastor Steve asks us to think deeply about “what you truly believe makes you significant”. Answer this question.  What makes you significant?

3. The sermon also says to look at people not as “distractions” but as “opportunities God puts before me”.  Are you missing opportunities this week?  What steps can you take to be less reactive and proactive instead?

4. Have you considered that you have dual identities in Jesus (the natural and supernatural)?  What does this mean to you?  How does it play out in your life?


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