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Addressing Our Doubts - Conversation Guide

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 Doubting is a Natural Part of Faith

 When we often think of faith, we associate doubt as something negative- something to be avoided at all costs or we are "not good enough Christians". However, as we walk through our study on deconstruction and reconstruction, we'll see that even the people who knew Jesus personally had their own doubts as well! This week we sit down with Pastors Clint and Christiaan and discuss how too much doubt can lead to deconstruction, but when addressed properly, can make our faith even stronger than ever.

1. How does the story of “Doubting Thomas” in John 20 demonstrate the importance, and potential benefits, of questioning and doubting one’s belief’s? Are you comforted or challenged by Thomas’ story?

2. What can a toxic church environment do to one’s faith and trust in religious institutions? What, if any, biblical beliefs are you holding on to that is hindering your (and others) spiritual growth?

3. How can we re-examine our beliefs and behaviors in light of a deeper understanding of inclusivity and grace? Explain what support you might need from the church or your community group through this reconstruction process.

4. Pastor Clint spoke about leaning in closer to Jesus while probing the questions about what you believe and what you doubt. Knowing God desires an “intimate experience” with you, what does that mean to you? And “Are you open to Him meeting you despite your doubts?” as Pastor Clint said.

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