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Abiding the Commands

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abiding the commands

This week took us to the topic of "abiding" and how we can truly make ourselves better followers of Christ by living out the commands he gave us, not just with our words, but living these orders from God out in our lives with repeated intentional action and practice. Join us this week as Pastors Christiaan and Steve Ingold talk about what "abiding" really means and how we can carry it out to show others what Christ has planned for us.

1. How do you process repetition in Scripture? Does it call you to pay attention or do you quickly gloss over it since the point was already made?

2. How could these passages in 1 John 2: 3-14 help you accept yourself as a sinner as well as a Jesus follower?

3. Are you allowing Jesus to set to the tone for your life? (From the sermon)

4. Is there a lie that you have heard or was told so many times that you believed it? For example: You can’t do anything right. How does abiding in Jesus, in His truths, break the bondage of these lies?

5. List what you are currently abiding in. Discuss with your group what you have realized by listing what you abide in.


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