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A Thrill of Hope Week 01 (ParticipantGuide)

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  • YourGroup leaderhas beenprovided with way too much content so that theyhave plenty of material to work with please trust their lead as they choose the elements that are best suited for your group dynamic, andespeciallyif they choose to skip overparticular elements or questions.
  • If you still wantto engage with a particular question or element that your Group leader skipped over, consider going through that part with a family member, a friend, or on your own.

Let's all have a Bible opened up to John 1:1-3 as we discuss what God was saying to us from this week's message.

  1. What are some things (a word, a feeling, a memory) that come to mind when you think of Christmas (positive or negative)?
  2. In John 1:1, John introduced Jesus by telling us that Jesus was "in the beginning", has always existed, and wasn't created. Why do you think John started his letter with this information? How does this change how you approach your relationship with God?
  3. (John 1:2) He was WITH God in the beginning. Jesus is WITH God and IS God. God IS a family, in essence. God loves relationships and community. How does this truth change how you look at community and relationships?
  4. Jesus didn't create humans because He was lonely or bored, but rather because He chose us. We have been intentionally placed at this place and at this time by our Creator. How does this truth affect how you see yourself and how you see the people around you?
  5. What are some ways we can pause for Advent during this noisy, busy season, to help us feel the "Thrill of Hope"? Discuss with your group some practical ways you might prepare your heart for Christmas. Below are three tips that Pastor Matt gave us in Livermore this past weekend:
    • Take time to travel – (take time to remember, repent, and prepare your heart)
    • Feel the rhythm – (create rhythm in the life of the body of Christ, gathering together, serving and giving to others)
    • Turn down the noise (turn down the noise of the culture andfocus on the hope of our Deliverer coming)

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