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A Better Way to Love - Study Guide

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During the sermon series, A Better Way, we will explore what it means to see and do things as Jesus would. We approach every situation based on our own experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives. We choose the way that seems best to us… the most comfortable or familiar way… the way someone we respect or admire would recommend… the "right" way. In the Gospels, however, we see Jesus approach life and its endless choices through a different lens... His lens. As our faith and trust increase, we find ourselves seeing things His way... a different way... a better way.

For each week of the study guide, your group will watch a brief video teaching that is designed to complement the corresponding sermon. The study guide includes at least one warm-up question designed to help your group focus on the primary Scripture passage and its theological implications. The discussion section will jump into the meaning and impact of the scripture’s major points, often providing you with a link to view the passage in several different translations of the Bible. We’ll wrap things up with questions that explore how the passage applies to us today as followers of Jesus in a modern and chaotic world. For all questions, including the warm-up, feel free to ask all of them or just select several that work best for your group. If you need more info and ideas to help you lead your group, visit our sermon series resource page.

Please also encourage your group members to check out Daily Steps, Cornerstone's companion devotional guide for individual reflection, prayer, and meditation on related Scripture selections throughout the week!


Think about the phrase, “I love ______________.” What are some of the things you love? What does saying that you love something mean to you? How does the meaning change based on what or whom you are referring to?


Watch this week’s video teaching from Pastor Clint Rutledge, pastor of Cornerstone’s Brentwood campus. 


Feel free to ask all of these questions or just select several that work best for your group.

Review the definitions of eros, philia, and agape love that Pastor Clint explained in the video. He said that eros says, "I love you when..."; Philia says, "I love you because..."; and agape says, "I love you unconditionally." 

  • How are the meanings of these words similar? How are they different?
  • What makes agape love distinctive from eros and philia love?

Read 1 John 4:7-20 together.

  • Based on this passage, what are the key characteristics or benefits of agape love? 
  • How does agape stand out compared to how our culture defines love?

Pastor Clint said that we can’t produce agape love on our own. It has to flow from God through us. He illustrated this principle through a glass pitcher.

  • Explain this metaphor in your own words.
  • How did the metaphor strike you?
  • Did it remind you of something you already knew?
  • Did it teach you something new?
  • Besides being empty, what are some reasons that water could not flow from a pitcher?
  • How can these physical examples of liquid pouring (or not pouring) out of a vessel help us to understand how God’s Agape love is pouring, or not pouring, out of us?

Pastor Clint said that we cannot love with Agape love by simply “trying harder.” We must be filled with God’s agape love in order to pour out agape love to other people. 

  • With your group, brainstorm a list of ways that God fills us with His agape love.
  • What are some ways that you know you have been filled with agape love in the past?
  • What can you intentionally do each day/week to allow yourself to be filled with God’s love?

Read Ephesians 3:16-19 and 1 Corinthians 15:10.

  • Our cars have indicators to let us know when they are low on fuel. What are the indicators in your life that let you know you are in need of a “refill?”
  • What do you need to pay closer attention to in order to know when you are running on empty?
  • How can our relationships with each other impact our ability to receive and pour out agape love?
  • How do the Scripture passages help you to understand more about God's love and how it can impact others around you?

Everyone has a next step with Jesus...What's yours?

Spend Time Alone with God

Daily Steps is a weekly devotional message designed as a companion to this sermon study guide. You will be guided as you spend time with God through personal reflection, Scripture readings, and prayer prompts. 


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