Current Series


In our next 5-part teaching series, we will explore the theme of obedience to Jesus and how it relates to love and community. Obedience to Jesus is not just a matter of following rules or ticking off a checklist of religious activities, but it's about how we live our lives in response to Jesus' love for us. We will draw insights from the letters we know as 1, 2, and 3 John in the New Testament.

John's letters are relevant today because we need to be reminded of these timeless truths. Therefore, each week of this series, we will explore different aspects of love and obedience and what John says it means for us as followers of Jesus.

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The Genius of Jesus

What does it mean to be human through Jesus's eyes? In The Genius of Jesus, we will look at His words and actions, using them to reference how we should think and treat others like He did with empathy, power, grace, goodness, beauty, and truth. Practicing living out Jesus' words and actions will transform you, your relationships with others, and your world.


Clarity, Understanding, Progress, Movement. Not often are those the words that come to mind when thinking of the book of Revelation. So often, John's words are connected solely with the end of our world. But is that all there is? As we start this new year, let's turn our attention to John's intention - encouragement and challenge to focus on Jesus and live out His commands.


Join the CF Online community and Pastor Christiaan VandenHeuvel as we start 2022 ... together.


We all crave it, and yet only sometimes do we experience it. We get a taste of it, but almost instantly, it seems to disappear. In this chaotic world, peace can feel just outside our grasp. But what if this Advent Season is different? What if our understanding of peace begins to transform? What if peace in our lives begins to look and feel precisely like what Jesus, the Prince of Peace, has in mind for our lives?
Seek and FIND PEACE this Christmas season.

Living Generously

Generous - adjective: a way of life compelled by the words and actions of Jesus.

Every day we walk through life protecting what we know, assume and believe to be ours. Time. Money. Resources. We hold tighter and tighter, often building defense walls and barriers around ourselves, only to find ourselves locked in. All until one day. One day when we hear and follow the way of life that Jesus speaks of. A way of life filled with freedom, love, dignity, and hope made possible by one path...Living Generously.

Let's Talk About... Mental Health

Mental health is in the headlines daily, and as a church, we need to be in the conversation. Jesus cared for many who struggled with mental health, and His example of caring, supporting, and healing is one we can and should follow. Join us over five weeks as we start the conversation about addiction, grief, co-dependency, anxiety, and depression.

On Mission

No matter where you are in your faith journey, we ALL need time to evaluate, think, question, discuss and understand what Jesus calls us to. Here at Cornerstone Fellowship, we believe that we are called to live a life on mission together. That is easier said than done. Right? Things are not as black and white as many of us prefer life to be. That’s why we turn our attention to scripture and to people IN scripture who lived before us. The apostle John (a close personal friend of Jesus) is a great example of a person who lived a life on mission for Jesus. John’s journey, his examples, and the thoughts he wrote down help us understand Jesus better! We’ll use his words to study and learn how to imitate Jesus’ words and actions. He will have a lot to show us about the church that Christ is building. Join us for our new series…On Mission.

Words & Actions

Are a person’s words or actions more important? Which speaks louder? Is what you say connected to what you do?

We can all agree that the connection between words and actions matter, even in the church. If left to our human nature, these two words are a ripple effect into a world of growth or decay. Join us this summer as we look closely at the words and actions of JESUS from the book of Luke. Let’s explore what Jesus said and did and how His examples prompt and lead Cornerstone Fellowship.


Easter 2021

Jesus Lives! And because HE lives, WE live! When Christ said, “I have come to give you an abundant and full life,” He was thinking of YOU. He was thinking of Easter 2021. 


1 Peter

Endurance. Encouragement. Perseverance. Redemption. There is power in the journey.
Join us for six weeks as we open, study and unpack the book of 1 Peter.



When Jesus came, He brought heaven to earth. He called this “His kingdom,” a kingdom unlike any other kingdom in the world. 

In this series, we will study the implications of what Christ said and did regarding His Kingdom… His message, His methods, and His expectations of anyone who claims to follow Him. By spending time leaning in, seeking to understand and recognizing the ramifications of what Jesus brought to earth for right now and for the future, we might find ourselves standing in silence wondering about our proximity to the Kingdom of God… or better yet… the manifestation of this Kingdom in us and through us.