Current Series

True Friends

We’ve all heard the phrase “More (or bigger) is better”, right? While that might be true in the case of something like your Halloween candy bag, it isn’t necessarily true when it comes to our friendships. We’re talkin’ quality over quantity here. And that’s exactly what Jesus had in mind for His followers. Throughout this series, we will be taking a closer look at the characteristics and challenges of true friendships as taught by Jesus and lived out by His early followers. What we will see is that, sometimes, less is more when it comes to True Friends.

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Throughout the message series "Rooted," we will  discover and align our lives with Jesus teachings that cultivate the fruit of the Holy Spirit within us - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.  The very fruit that impacts our world with justice, mercy, and humility. May our lives become beacons of hope, pointing others to the transformative power of Jesus Christ. 

"Picture Perfect"

What is the ideal picture-perfect way to live as a single person or in marriage? Is that even possible? The common church narrative and American culture have both painted a picture of what is perfect, and it is one size fits all. Realistically, that isn't obtainable and can create a culture of judgment, shame, and guilt. Join us as we rethink living single or in marriage in a way that builds understanding, dignity, and love for one another in our new series "Picture Perfect".

Easter with Cornerstone Fellowship

The Last Supper, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection. 
A three-part series dedicated to telling Jesus' journey to the cross and beyond. A story of betrayal from a friend, accusations from the religious leaders, and humiliation from Roman soldiers, which put him on a cross in an excruciating death. Three days later, Jesus was resurrected, and his tomb was left empty. Today, we are called to live the resurrected life, a life that changes both our communities and us.


In our next 5-part teaching series, we will explore the theme of obedience to Jesus and how it relates to love and community. Obedience to Jesus is not just a matter of following rules or ticking off a checklist of religious activities, but it's about how we live our lives in response to Jesus' love for us. We will draw insights from the letters we know as 1, 2, and 3 John in the New Testament.

John's letters are relevant today because we need to be reminded of these timeless truths. Therefore, each week of this series, we will explore different aspects of love and obedience and what John says it means for us as followers of Jesus.


Deconstruction (noun). A popular word used by many when processing and questioning their faith in Jesus Christ and/or the Church. Typically used with a negative connotation.
But what if deconstruction wasn’t a bad thing? What happens AFTER deconstruction? How do we sit with questions we don’t have answers to? Is there such a thing as “reconstruction” in faith? Throughout our Reconstruction series, we will answer those questions and explore what it looks like to rebuild faith with a framework that will encourage curiosity, growth, and transformation.

Spiritual Practices

As a church community, what might it look like for us to cultivate shared rhythms and practices that slow us down in order to experience the presence of Jesus in our everyday life and express who He is more fully to the world around us? Ancient Christians called this “the practice of the presence with God”. Jesus called it “abiding”. Over the next 12 months, we will study together and lean into different spiritual practices that serve as the structure for a life of deep, intimate communion with God.

His Law is Love

"O Holy Night" is a famous Christmas carol that beautifully connects us to who Jesus is and why He came to be with us. During this Christmas Advent season, we will walk through a few stanzas of this hymn and discover what "His law is love" means. Jesus' divine arrival brought love, peace, hope, joy, and worth to every soul, and his appearance broke chains of oppression. Let this be our song this Christmas as we praise His name forever!


A Generous Life

Being generous is defined as being liberal in giving, openhanded, and unselfish. Jesus had much to say about living a generous life. Join us for four weeks as we explore stories of generosity from the Gospel of Luke regarding hospitality, time, talents, and resources. This series will inspire and challenge you to live a more generous life.


Return to the Garden

Adam. Eve. A perfect Garden. A perfect life followed by lies, deception, and an enormous divide between humanity and God.
What went wrong?? How did the perfect human image that God designed become distorted?
Join CF for a 4-week series as we examine what went wrong in the Garden of Eden. But more importantly, let's explore how we, as Christ-followers, can partner with God in restoring His creation to its original design. Let's Return to the Garden.

Good News, Bad News

Our days are spent in a world of opposites. Jesus highlighted opposites, and juxtapositions, throughout His teachings. But what does His Gospel mean for you and for me? What IS the Gospel? In this teaching series, we will define what we mean when we use the word Gospel at Cornerstone Fellowship. By diving a bit into history and then going deeper every week through the GOOD, and the BAD. Join us as we talk about how to present the Gospel to the world around us in a healthy and impactful way.

Celebrate 30

This once-in-a-lifetime gathering celebrated our church's 30th anniversary and thanked Steve and Brenda Madsen for three decades of ministry at Cornerstone Fellowship! As the founding pastors of our church, they passed the baton of leadership, and we celebrated together as we remembered and reflected on all God has done and will continue to do through this church!