Series: Words & Actions


Words & Actions, Week 7

July 24, 2021 | Clint Rutledge

Maybe you know a lot about the words and actions of Jesus. But are His words and actions YOUR words and actions? Are you ready to make the shift from studying to living out the gospel lifestyle that Jesus teaches? Join CF Online and Pastor Clint Rutledge as we journey through the seven truths that come with saying YES to Jesus.

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Are a person’s words or actions more important? Which speaks louder? Is what you say connected to what you do?

We can all agree that the connection between words and actions matter, even in the church. If left to our human nature, these two words are a ripple effect into a world of growth or decay. Join us this summer as we look closely at the words and actions of JESUS from the book of Luke. Let’s explore what Jesus said and did and how His examples prompt and lead Cornerstone Fellowship.


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