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What is Revelation?

January 08, 2022 | Steve Ingold

Whether you have read it a hundred times or peeked at the first chapter before putting it away, it is so tempting to read the book of Revelation and get into the weeds of what could happen, what might happen, or the symbolism. And in turn, we completely miss what the entirety of Christian Scripture attests to, especially the very last book. JESUS, the divine revelation. 

Join Pastor Steve Ingold for this first week of a four-week series as he talks about one of the most important things in the life of a Christ-follower. 

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Clarity, Understanding, Progress, Movement. Not often are those the words that come to mind when thinking of the book of Revelation. So often, John's words are connected solely with the end of our world. But is that all there is? As we start this new year, let's turn our attention to John's intention - encouragement and challenge to focus on Jesus and live out His commands.

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Jan 08, 2022

What is Revelation?

Whether you have read it a hundred times or peeked at the first chapter...