Series: The Art of Neighboring


The Art of Neighboring - Week 1 - Full Service

August 01, 2020 | Steve Ingold

Jesus very clearly said to love our neighbors... and yes that means our metaphoric neighbors and the people we come across. But it also means our literal neighbors! Join Pastor Steve Ingold as he kicks off The Art of Neighboring series by unpacking the question of “How.” How do we bring the Great Commandment from theory into a real-life context?

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During the series, we will be unpacking what it looks like to love our neighbors. Both metaphorically and literally!

Our vision as a church is to repair the fabric of the East Bay by meeting people where they are and one of the best ways we can do that is with YOU and your neighborhood!

So for the next four weeks, we are challenging you to jump out of your comfort zone, tune into a service each week AND meet your neighbors! Don’t worry, we’ll be doing the same thing too. 

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