Series: Seen and Known


Seen and Known for His Purpose

December 24, 2020

Join us for the final Christmas week of our Advent series, Seen and Known! In this conversation about the Christmas story, pastors Steve and Brenda Madsen (with a special cameo by pastors Christiaan and Kristina VandenHeuvel) look at how both Mary and Joseph walked through a time of uncertainty, displacement, stress, and change; knowing that ultimately God was going to use all the events for his purposes. 2020 was full of pain, but God does not waste our pain.

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Who? What? Why? How? When? 

It is human nature to ask questions. We have a natural desire for clarity. This desire is magnified when the questions we ask are about…ourselves and the lives we lead and live. Does God see me? Does God know me? Does God care for me? How can I really help others? What does God do with what he sees?

Join us this advent season as we discover together what it means to be Seen and Known.


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