Series: Let's Talk About... Mental Health


Let's Talk About Grief

October 02, 2021 | Diane Rutledge

This week in our series on mental health, we turn our attention to grief. Grief is complicated. Unresolved grief can affect every area of our lives, from our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Join Pastor Diane Rutledge as she dissects the complexity of working in and through personal grief, supporting someone going through grief, and how Jesus' words and actions can move someone toward hope, health, and healing.

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Mental health is in the headlines daily, and as a church, we need to be in the conversation. Jesus cared for many who struggled with mental health, and His example of caring, supporting, and healing is one we can and should follow. Join us over five weeks as we start the conversation about addiction, grief, co-dependency, anxiety, and depression.

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