Series: Kingdom


Kingdom - Part 2

January 09, 2021 | Steve Madsen

What is this Kingdom that the Messiah would bring?

It is unlike any other kingdom ever launched! An upside-down-backward kingdom where the poor are given the good news, the prisoners are freed, the oppressed are rescued, the sick are healed, and God’s favor is generously poured out. 

How did Jesus’ hometown crowd miss it?

Join Pastor Steve Madsen for Part 2 of our series, Kingdom: Unlike Any Other.

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Series Information

When Jesus came, He brought heaven to earth. He called this “His kingdom,” a kingdom unlike any other kingdom in the world. 

In this series, we will study the implications of what Christ said and did regarding His Kingdom… His message, His methods, and His expectations of anyone who claims to follow Him. By spending time leaning in, seeking to understand and recognizing the ramifications of what Jesus brought to earth for right now and for the future, we might find ourselves standing in silence wondering about our proximity to the Kingdom of God… or better yet… the manifestation of this Kingdom in us and through us.

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Kingdom - Part 2

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