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Everyday Theology - Romans 8:18-27 - Full Service

October 03, 2020 | Steve Ingold

So often we want to look at the past or dream of the future, but the present is our reality; what we live every day. The messy, messy middle. The joy and frustration, hope and pain, patience and suffering …  they all coexist!

Jesus pushes us toward a life that experiences redemption and takes part in reconciliation. There is a hope we can choose to live while we are stuck in the middle. A hope that moves us toward peace, harmony, and relational compassion with everything and everyone we come across. Join Pastor Steve Ingold as he walks through Romans 8:18-27 in this week’s Everyday Theology.

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Throughout the Everyday Theology sermon series, we will explore foundational tenets of the Christian faith as revealed in chapters 5-8 of the book of Romans. Rather than giving us mere knowledge about God and His plan for restoring our relationship with Him through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we will learn from Paul who urges us to understand what it means to have more of God Himself and the life Jesus died to give us — right now and for eternity.


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