Series: Everyday Theology


Everyday Theology - Romans 5 - Full Service

August 29, 2020 | Steve Ingold

Being a Christ-follower is not so much about what we know; Rather, being a Christ-follower helps us recognize who we are and what we’re part of.

Not more about God, more God.

Join Pastor Steve Ingold as he moves us toward everyday theology for week one in our brand new series.

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Series Information

Throughout the Everyday Theology sermon series, we will explore foundational tenets of the Christian faith as revealed in chapters 5-8 of the book of Romans. Rather than giving us mere knowledge about God and His plan for restoring our relationship with Him through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we will learn from Paul who urges us to understand what it means to have more of God Himself and the life Jesus died to give us — right now and for eternity.


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