Series: Living Generously


Awkward Conversations

November 06, 2021 | Steve Ingold

There are several topics we typically feel very uncomfortable discussing. Things like politics, religion, other matters of faith, and of course… money! Why do we dislike talking about money? Especially in the church?

As we continue to talk about living generously, Pastor Steve Ingold will explore what the scriptures say about this issue. Including why it’s important to let Jesus’ words and actions influence how we use our wealth, position, and talents!

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Generous - adjective: a way of life compelled by the words and actions of Jesus.

Every day we walk through life protecting what we know, assume and believe to be ours. Time. Money. Resources. We hold tighter and tighter, often building defense walls and barriers around ourselves, only to find ourselves locked in. All until one day. One day when we hear and follow the way of life that Jesus speaks of. A way of life filled with freedom, love, dignity, and hope made possible by one path...Living Generously.

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