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A Better Way To Peace - Full Service

October 31, 2020 | Becky Fitch

So many of us feel that peace is lacking in our life right now. It’s hard not to when this entire year has been filled with conflict, tension, hostility, and uncertainty. It is in these moments that we typically navigate to one of two peace pursuing roles: Peacekeeper and Peacetaker.

Jesus calls us to a different type of peace pursuit, a better way to peace; the role of Peacemaker. Join Pastor Becky Fitch for week 3 of A Better Way as she unpacks what true Shalom-making peace was, is, and CAN be in our lives.

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We approach every situation in one way ... or another. "This way or that way."And if we are being honest, more often than not we choose ... OUR way. The way that makes the most sense to us; the way we think we know; the way someone we respect or admire would recommend; the "right" way. Throughout the Gospels, we see Jesus approach everything we experience through a different lens. His lens. An inverted way. A different way. A better way.

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